Urwise abstract art sculpture lamp, amazing 7 Colors optical illusion 3D LED light, USB power ZB-2876

Urwise abstract art sculpture lamp, amazing 7 Colors optical illusion 3D LED light, USB power ZB-2876


✅ Happy New Year! ✅ Charming 3d optical illusion capture attention at night and dark environment, new-tech entertaining decoration.NOTICE:【3D just Visual Effect, the lamp itself is Flat】Unique Lighting Effects Amazing Optical Visual Illusion Home Decor Lamp

✅ Eco-friendly: usb powered and low energy consumption.Power spend: 0.012kw.H/24 hours; LED life span: 10000hours

✅ Durable quality: made of millimeter acrylic glass which promises excellent quality, safety and durable uses

✅ Smart touch ...


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Happy New Year!
Magical Panel 3D illusion lamp led bulbing 3D visual creative lamp is an innovative artistic atmosphere light,optical acrylic light guide plate engraving a variety of 2D graphics, 3D visual impact, led source, import SCM process control, touch- sensitive switch, single or 7 colors changing.

⚫️ Power:5W
⚫️ Voltage:5V
⚫️ Panel Material: Acrylic

Packaging details:
⚫️ 1 *Acrylic Flat
⚫️ 1 *ABS Base
⚫️ 1 *Power by USB cable (included)

⚫️ The skull is illuminated using LEDs that never get hot yet produce a warm glow. Because it's cold to the touch its perfect for children's bedrooms.
⚫️ You will be shocked that this 3D Illusion Lamp turned out to be a 2D wire frame lamp which is only a few millimeters wide.
⚫️ The piece creates an optical illusion, as it appears as a 3D light bulb, but is actually completely flat.
⚫️ Change colour with a swipe of your finger, choose between red,green,blue,white,pink,yellow and sky blue.
⚫️ The final option is a automatically color changing mode.
⚫️ Long press button can turn off the light

Please use the soft colth to clean the acrylic if there is mark on the surface.
You can change the colors by gently touch the button on the base or you can set it to cycle through the different colors automatically.The cord has a USB connection, if you want to plug it into a wall socket, you can use unused adapter to plug it into and then into the outlet.

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